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5/24/2024 3:14 PM
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Adoption Application
All American Dachshund Rescue
Adoption Application
  • You must be at least 30 yrs old to apply.
  • Please fill out our application on either a laptop or desktop, the system will not accept a smart phone.

If you cannot adopt the dog as soon as we get you approved than please wait to fill out the application. Rescue is always full and we are not able to HOLD dachshunds for people while they go on vacation, have weddings or surgery, etc. that would prevent them from receiving the dog right away. As much as we'd like to hold the dog for you, that will mean that a dog will die in a shelter because we don't have room for them. 

The adoption fees vary according to age of the dog. This form will be forwarded to the application representative and you will be hearing from them about a phone interview. Please contact your vet and references and let them know that we will be contacting them. We want to work your application and get you the dachshund as soon as possible but a lot of times the application is held up because we are unable to reach your references and we cannot continue to work your application until all steps have been completed. We will respond to your submitted adoption application as soon as you scan or fax us proof of your address with a drivers license. Please scan a copy of that to aadrpresident@gmail.com or fax to 931-685-4171. If you have any specific questions you may email the foster home that has the dog you are interested in.
Also keep in mind that the most important step is getting your homevisit set up, all our visits are done virturally so please just make yourself available as soon as we contact you to set up the home-visit.
Thank you,

It is important to answer all questions.
Answers left blank or incorrectly answered may jeopardize your ability to adopt from us.  
For phone numbers -- put a number in each blank - even if it is the same number!   Put your primary phone number in the Home Phone entry!  If this is also your cell number, you can put it in the cell phone entry as well! 
You can't put N/A in a phone number blank, it expects a phone number.  If other questions don't apply -- put N/A. If you have trouble submitting the form, check every blank for an answer.  Also, after hitting submit, give it a second to write the data to the form -- if you hit submit multiple times, we get multiple copies.  So give it a second to do it's magic!!
We try very hard to get you approved in 2-3 weeks(or less) from start to finish, finished being you have the dog in hand. Let us know up front if you are planning on something that won't allow you to take the dog in that time frame and we'll put your application on hold until you are ready. 
NO Exceptions to this rule!
Here are some things that will deny your application so please read these all the way through:
1. You have unaltered animals, you will be denied until you spay or neuter them
2. You do not have your dog updated on all their shots, you will be denied
3. You do not use heartworm prevention(this is very important), you will be denied
4. You have children under the age of 5, dachshunds and toddlers do not mix, please wait until your child or children are older(there may be some exception to this rule and only if the dachshund you are looking at is good with toddlers).
5. When you apply for a dog you must have a back up.  This is for all ages of adopters.(the caregiver is for the dog,  we'll need name, e-mail address and phone number and relationship to you) in case you are unable to care for the dog. This is not negotiable as we see too many senior dogs dumped by family members or in shelters when the owner is no longer able to care for the pet and we don't want this for our dog.
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